Custom designing is what makes us really happy. So we are ready for all Your ideas and only sky is the limit. No, in fact we have some other limits by designing. Everything takes usually 4-6 weeks.

Whole process is supported by 3D software. First step is mailing us. This is the time that we need to know for when, for who and what is the budget.

Then we start to design, with stones and metal, which can be also indicated by You. Then we send our designs by email and wait for Your opinion.

There is always time for modification, but none of the changes can be opposite to jewellery art. Those are the “other limits” mentioned before. Only this way our pieces can have long-lasting warranty.

This custom process usually involves several emails to ensure we understand each other.

This process is for the busy costumers. Others we kindly invite to our workshop for meeting eye to eye.