Wedding Rings

If you are looking for the only wedding rings that are unique just like a wedding itself, check what we can design for you. Wedding rings that we make here at the Buchwic Concept Jewelery workshop are an original line of jewelry. Do you want to know the details? Find out about the process of making our perfect wedding rings or contact us.

Wedding rings matched to your expectations.

Our clients usually come with their wedding ring concept. We know that a meeting and conversation are very much needed so that the project meets your expectations in the best possible way.

What do we pay attention to? Not only for beauty and uniqueness, but for the convenience of everyday wear.


Unique design

During the meeting, different models are measured and viewed. We show on site and often together with customers, we discover new finishing options. A pair of wedding rings does not necessarily have to be identical. Each person can choose their own individual and unique wedding ring. Because we make them entirely by hand in our studio, the possibilities are endless.


Durability for years and warranty at no extra charge

Our whole approach to jewelery is based on the belief that they should be durable and have features that will allow them to be repaired or modified in the future, for example their size.

Wedding rings made in our studio are covered by a lifetime warranty. We renew and make adjustments to the size at no extra charge.


Why are wedding rings made of the entrusted material?

Gold is a great material to recycle. We always ask customers about old, unused jewelry or tangled chains, for example made of red gold. In the refining process, we obtain yellow, white or pink gold wedding rings. Ore is a huge part of the cost, so customers are always positively surprised by the difference in price they can get with their gold.

Order fulfillment and price

We usually need 3 weeks to complete most projects. We measure and quote the project, giving a specific price at the first meeting.
The prices of wedding rings depend on many factors, e.g.
Are these classic wedding rings?
Is the design complex and has stones?
What are the sizes of the rings and what will their weight be?

Payment and collection

If we receive gold for refining with the order, we do not charge any advance payment. Otherwise, please make an advance payment in cash when placing the order or in the form of a payment to the account.

Ready wedding rings can be picked up in person or we send them by courier to the address provided.

Do you dream about unique wedding rings? Write to us today!